Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mike Davis is Very Handsome

Here is a shot of Mike D. holding a singing Christmas tree. (Don't ask.) Anyway, he kept calling me at work to complain that I never put any pictures of him on the Hotline any more and he sort of implied that he was going to stop reading the Hotline altogether if this didn't change.

The fact is that, sadly, I have more photos of Mike D. than of Lara. I like to run a joke into the ground as much as the next guy, but I thought if I kept it up Doug, Lara's powerful attorney husband, might not like the joke and get really pissed and sue the shit out of me like he did to Vertical Horizon. (Don't ask. I can't talk about it anyway because of a court order.)

Anyway, so for now it's back to photos of Mike D. (Which I will gladly replace with photos of Lara in a cheerleader outfit, Hooters' uniform or Wonder Woman ensemble.)

I just thought this was cool

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Can You Believe Someone Made This Pin?

(It is very rare that I run the same content on the Fred Hotline as I do on the Greater Greensboro Open Blog, but this is special. Kevin and I received a box of Jaycee pins today and I started looking through them this evening. I found this one and I'm really a little stocked by it to be honest. I can't believe someone made this pin to begin with and then gave it out for people to wear. Anyway, my lawyer-DaveWalkerman-reads this blog and I thought he would enjoy all the legal stuff.)

Roberts v. United States Jaycees


Argument: Wednesday, April 18, 1984
Decision: Tuesday, July 3, 1984
Issues: First Amendment, Miscellaneous
Categories: freedom of association, gender

Carl D. Hall, Jr. (Argued the cause for the appellee)
Richard L. Varco, Jr. (Argued the cause for the appellants)

Facts of the Case

According to its bylaws, membership in the United States Jaycees was limited to males between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five. Females and older males were limited to associate membership in which they were prevented from voting or holding local or national office. Two chapters of the Jaycees in Minnesota, contrary to the bylaws, admitted women as full members. When the national organization revoked the chapters' licenses, they filed a discrimination claim under a Minnesota anti-discrimination law. The national organization brought a lawsuit against Kathryn Roberts of the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, who was responsible for the enforcement of the anti-discrimination law.


Did Minnesota's attempts to enforce the anti-discrimination law violate the Jaycees' right to free association under the First Amendment?


In a unanimous decision, the Court held that the Jaycees chapters lacked "the distinctive characteristics that might afford constitutional protection to the decision of its members to exclude women." The Court reasoned that making women full members would not impose any serious burdens on the male members' freedom of expressive association. The Court thus held that Minnesota's compelling interest in eradicating discrimination against women justified enforcement of the state anti-discrimination law. The Court found that the Minnesota law was not aimed at the suppression of speech and did not discriminate on the basis of viewpoint.

This information was taken from the following link. To learn more about this case go to:

Lara and the unidentified feminist

Today we see Lara sitting with one of our favorite unidentified feminist. (Don't email us back with his name. He's not really "unidentified" he just doesn't like it when we use his name on the Fred Hotline.)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Monday, April 07, 2008

More Lara, Less Mike D

Fred Hotline reader(s) seem to really be enjoying the new more Lara, less Mike D format. So in keeping with the new theme, here we see a photo of lara, without Mike D, wearing a cowboy hat.