Saturday, February 11, 2006

Where Old Emails Go to Die (Virtual Pack Rat Project)

(The following is an email from the master of email Mike D. Before I delete it from my computer, I thought I'd give it one more chance to be funny. Enjoy.)

"That's right, Boys and Girls!!!! ABBA is coming to town and they're going to be at the Idiot Box THIS SUNDAY!!!! If you've never seen J.Alex and Ben's routine to Dancing Queen you haven't lived!!!!!!

Okay, just kidding, this is a classic marketing ploy called "bait and switch". See, I get you all excited about ABBA, and Ben and J. Alex doing their dancing gymnastics, and then "switch" you to a less exciting event, like an amateur ear waxing expo, or, in this case, two teams nobody cares about playing in the frozen tundra of Detroit (on the bright side, we haven't been subjected to the two week diatribe about the diversions the players deal with before the game...Detroit...good God, I mean, what are they going to do???? beat up out of work GM employees???)

I'm just kidding about no one caring...I think that Doug and Chuck are Steelers fans. I've never met a Seahawks fan...You would think that the four or five of you on this list who went to UNC by the Sea would at least half-heartedly pull for Seattle...

Anyway...see below invite for the Super Duper Trooper Pooper Scooper Party at Doug's Place. Give one of us a call or email make us aware that you might come, so we'll know how much food to procure.

As Doug says below, please wear your Black and Gold...could help to have the National Champ colors on (Don't Play With Yosef).

Mike D"

Starbucks Coffee Now Open

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my sister's cat is evil

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Snow Day

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Big Screen for the "Big Game" Action

We used Ben to show you the scale of the screen. Of course if you don't know how big Ben is, I guess this doesn't help.
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More "Big Game" Fun

Doug's just keepin' it real at the "Big Game" party.
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Mike and Doug's "Big Game" Party

I'm here to tell you that when Doug and Mike have a party they do it right. They rented out the Empire Room to have their "Big Game" party.
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Thursday, February 02, 2006

1975 Greater Greensboro Open Hostess - Pat Miller

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VPR Project Makes Boss Lady Mad

"Just for future information, a picture of your wife is not crap. I will gladly come to the bonus room and point out a piece of crap for reference. "
-Boss Lady

(Crap is another word for clutter.)