Sunday, May 29, 2005

don't blame lady

driving lime green vw

sticker reads Kerry

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Stuff I Hate

I hate when people give me photos of their new born babies, but they don't bother to write the child's name on the back of the photo. I have an entire drawer full of baby pictures. I don't know who these kids are or if I'm related to them or not. I think the ones with bows in their hair are girls. As a general rule, just don't give me any pictures of your kids, unless you correctly id them on the back of the photo or they can be recognized as a person.

I hate it when the local weatherman takes credit for the weather.

I hate it when people are a good thirty feet ahead of me going through a door and they stop and hold it open, forcing me to speed up in order to not look like I don't appreciate them holding the door for me. Once I am forced to speed up to get the door, it cancels out the nice gesture, so it's like you didn't do anything nice to begin with.

I hate it when you pass a co-worker on my job and I say "How are you?" and they answer back "How are you?" I hate it even more when they say "How are you?" and I reply, "How are you?" I also don't like that stupid little smile I have to accompany it with.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Randy and his enormous forehead go to the turtle farm. Posted by Hello anacona don't want none, unless you got buns hun. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

I found this photo of Scott Nunn laying on Andy Sharpe's bed in room 222 of Guilford Hall. It had to be 1985 because Scott was visiting UNCG. He had been a student there the year before, left and then returned. Posted by Hello