Monday, April 02, 2007

Gerald Witt Writes "Goofy golf's par for course"

"On the fourth hole, they teed off with a tennis racquet.Doug Heberle, owner of The Idiot Box in downtown Greensboro, lined up for the drive.His first shot came to rest about eight feet from the tee.Drive two, another feeble-sounding "bink," sent the golf ball about 30 feet at Bur-Mil Park Golf Course.

The golf tournament Sunday was called — take a breath — the Second Annual Inaugural (That Means First, J. Alex) April Fool's Day Open. And it wasn't much at all about golf.Yeah, the name is a joke on someone in the group of about a dozen friends who played. Organizer Mike Davis said the name was inspired by a pal with a "limited vocabulary."

Easter eggs replaced balls on one hole, another used a kitchen floor sweeper as a putter, and on the sixth hole they scrapped clubs and balls altogether for flying discs. Taunting was encouraged.

Good golf play, frowned upon.And it was probably the polar opposite of the city's annual PGA golf event, once known as the Chrysler Classic of Greensboro, which Davis chaired for the Jaycees in 2004."This takes two volunteers, versus 2,000," Davis said.A rain delay pushed the start back about 20 minutes.

But the group had the nine-hole, par-3 course to themselves."It was nice of them to shut the course down for the event," Davis joked.Which made it even more about friends."Laughter's pretty therapeutic," Davis said, "and after hanging out with those guys, we felt pretty good about things.""

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