Friday, July 08, 2011

Gorilla Americana

It is simply incorrect to characterize Gorilla Americana as a rejection of the fine art print. It is not a rejection at all. This style accepts the concept, the need in this world for the fine art print; it rejects the notion that is the only final state in which an image can reside.

The fine art print represents a destination-perhaps one an artist is never intended to reach. Much the same way a carrot might be put at the end of a stick in order to motivate an animal into moving forward. The concept of the fine art print keeps the artist moving forward into a kind of madness that one stumbles into after years of reaching for brass rings or carrots.

Gorilla Americana is more about the ride. We release not only the shutter when we mash the button, but part of ourselves as well. It seems to be more about sharing than keeping.