Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mike Davis Turns 40

These are just a few of the shots from Mike D's 40th birthday party that could not be shown on the Greater Greensboro Open Blog. Enjoy

Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Following Events Are Based on a True Story

I'm on this walk with my wife and my in-laws when we spot a troop of monkeys. I guess it's a troop, or it could be a barrel. You know, like a murder of crows, an array of hedgehogs or a bloat of hippopotamuses right?

Anyway, I look at the main monkey and give him the cool-guy-head-tilt-thing “What's up?” look and he gives me the cool return “What's up?' head-bob-thing and I know we're cool. We're cool until Spike, my mother-in-law, is like “Hey, look at those monkeys!” and starts to walk over to them. I said “Spike don't. Those monkeys will mess you up.”

Now that I think back on it I wasn't very convincing. In my heart I really wanted to see what would happen when my mother-in-law came in contact with the barrel of monkeys. So she goes over and says “Well hello there” in her really high pitched tone and yeah it made the monkeys mad and they picked her up and carried her off.

Later, at the fish place, we went ahead and ordered Spike some hushpuppies and a water with lemon. We waited for about half an hour before the EMTs and the animal control people brought her back. They were asking her a bunch of monkey related questions.

I took a picture of Spike there on the patio of the seafood place answering the animal control lady's questions. They both looked at me in shock as if I had just done something really offensive. I just looked at them both and said it was for insurance purposes. It wasn't. I just wanted to remember the day my mother-in-law got carried off by a carload of monkeys. I told her they would mess her up.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Hizer Demoralized Davis (Right in Front of Harris)

In a dramatic change of events, the perennial trophy winner Randy “Fancy” Harris was shut out of the final non sequitur trophy contest of 2007. A mysterious competitor from the East named John Hizer was victorious on the last day of 2007.
Hizer pressured a broken Mike Davis up to the 18th green. Davis, who lead the match at the turn by a stroke over Harris and 6 strokes over Hizer, showed signs of fatigue after weeks of being demoralized at the hands of Fancy's superior play. The crowds at Crooked Tree Golf Course have grown accustomed to the high level of play from Harris and Davis over the remaining contests of the 2007 schedule.

Comparisons to Jack and Arnie were made early in the season, starting when Davis improved his putting stroke and was able to control his powerful drives. Patience was the most valuable club in the bag during this three way tug-of-war for supremacy as Davis and Hizer waited for Harris to defeat himself. While Harris and Hizer had never competed before this match, word of Fancy's struggles with Crooked Tree's 15th hole had obviously proceeded him. Harris managed to bring the water into play on every shot on 15, including on the putting surface, as he put three balls into the drink and carded a 12, thus ending his chances of taking home the coveted prize.

In a truly ironic twist Mike D's putting abandoned him on the putting green as he met the younger, better looking Hizer for a tie breaking putt off. Davis was praised weeks earlier for his improved putting stroke only to see it forsake him with the coveted non sequitur prize on the line.