Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eddie Haskell, The Beaver and Wally!

Eddie Haskell, The Beaver and Wally! Are we REALLY that Old

Friday, September 04, 2009

2010 Chris Brown's Liver Memorial Great Golf Outing

The planning committee is beginning the process of choosing a date for
the 2010 Great Golf Outing. Despite intense lobbying by several
commercial sponsors, including Duck Rabbit Brewery, Triangle Brewery,
Woodford Reserve Distilleries, and Balvenie Distilleries, the
committee has decided that the 2009 GGO will be held in honor of Chris
Brown's liver, which passed in a tragic drinking accident during the
2009 GGO. In honor of Chris Brown's liver, the 2010 GGO will not have
a title sponsor, but rather will be called the Chris Brown's Liver
Memorial Great Golf Outing, or CBLMGGO. Said Chris Brown, "We had a
great run, that liver and me. While I'll miss it out on the course, at
least I can still use it as an anchor when I go fishing."

Dates under consideration for the 2010 CBLMGGO are January 22, 23, and
24; and February 18, 19, and 20. Although Brunswick Plantation has not
posted official rates for those dates yet, anticipated rates for the
January dates are $189.95 plus tax, while the February rates are
expected to be $219.95 plus tax. To avoid the conflict with the NFL's
Super Bowl that occurred last year, the NFL is considering February 7,
2010 for the Super Bowl. Said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, "After
numerous players and coaches were late for last year's Super Bowl
kickoff, we realized that we couldn't compete with the GGO and so
we're making a conscious effort to work with the CBLMGGO planning
committee this year. Plus, I was a huge fan of Chris Brown's liver and
wouldn't want anything to mar its memorial tournament."

The public comment period is now open on the prospective dates for the
CBLMGGO. Interested individuals should send comments to the CBLMGGO

Granddad Doc

This is a photo of my Grandfather Doc. I found it on Facebook.

Waiting for the bus

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm putting this foot down

Since I started posting on Facebook, I feel like I've been letting down my Fred Hotline reader(s). I'm going to start doing a better job at posting on the Hotline.